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The top-down 2D perspective is reminiscent of the action-adventure Zelda game series, and the original game for the NES also had players assuming the role of a mercenary to rescue the prince of Nabooru. The objective of the game is to recover the prince, while avoiding becoming the victim of the evil prince's henchmen. The game is a spin-off of the successful Mercs franchise. A sequel to the NES original titled Mercs 2: The Newcomers was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992. Unlike the original Mercs, Mercs 2 had a modern setting, which lead to the protagonist, Rich Shurmer, to be described as "a wannabe action hero trying to live up to his movie star image", with the events taking place on a Mediterranean island. The story of Mercs 2 is more focused on the characters, and is less of a platforming/action game, in comparison to the original Mercs. A Game Boy game was released in 1994. The game involves one character defeating the other characters in a variety of mini-games. Mercs 3 was released for the Game Boy Color in 1999. Another arcade game was released for the Sega Dreamcast called The Mercs. This game takes place in the year 2050 and depicts a futuristic world where mercenaries have been outlawed. The protagonist, Shurmer, has been voted into the position of The Governor of Freedom City, and is tasked with putting down a band of rebels who are attempting to overthrow him. A spin-off of Mercs 3 called Mercs in Space was released for the Game Boy Color in 1999. The game follows two mercenaries, Shurmer and Bailey, who were turned into twin space fighters, and must defend the Earth from an alien invasion. A third game was released for the Game Boy Advance called Mercs: Hard Corps. A fourth arcade game was released for the Xbox in 2005 called Mercs: Hardball. The game follows Rich Shurmer and his twin brother Felix as they are contracted by J.T. Lawrence (the owner of a fast-food chain who wants to make it the number one chain in the world) to defeat Major Douchebagson a fast-food food chain, who is trying to destroy Lawrence's fast-food chain, using the nickname "Double Titson", who has mistaken Rich and Felix for "freak-birds". There is also a fifth game based on the Mercs



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MortalKombatArcadeKollectionv12hacktoolfreedownload doansah

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